NAS Oceana 75th Anniversary Publication


Posted on 18 Apr 2018 Comments Off on PUBLICATION

Set to debut during the 75th anniversary of NAS Oceana Symposium and Gala and available for the 2018 NAS Oceana Air Show, this Navy Leaguesupported publication will contain a detailed history of NAS Oceana, with stories of the incredible people, storied aircraft and systems that have been part of the past 75 years, and what we can expect to see from the command as it continues to serve as the U.S. Navy’s East Coast Master Jet Base.

Renowned publisher of military history, Faircount, will collaborate with the Navy League-Hampton Roads and the U.S. Navy on the release of a special commemorative publication to mark the occasion. Produced to the same exacting editorial and design standards of publications commemorating the centennial of naval aviation, the 5oth anniversary of NAVAIR, the Joint Strike Fighter PEO series, and the commissioning of several U.S. Navy warships, the publication will provide a detailed analysis of the programs of NAVAIR and how the command has evolved over the last five decades to become the vital part of the Navy it is today.


History of NAS Oceana
Naval Aviation: Forecast and Transformation
The Future Aircraft Carrier
Future of NAS Oceana
NAS Oceana: Connection to Community


75 Years of NAS Oceana will be delivered on a name-and-title basis to senior leadership, procurement offices, program managers of the major commands and partners of U.S. Navy and allies worldwide to include: